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Bitlein BClocks - World Clocks for your Windows Desktop

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BClocks with big clocks for different time zonesBClocks offers 24 clock stylesWorld map with all time zones of the worldBClocks with eight time zonesBClocks with a single clock with maximum size on the Windows desktopBClocks with names of friends as time zone description
The 'jewellery collection' of BClocksBClocks with digital clocks on the dialBClocks with digital clocks on the dialBClocks with 'night style' and with lighting effectsBClocks with a single clock with middle sizeBClocks combined with a funny background picture

Take a look at these pictures! They show how you can use BClocks on your Windows desktop.
(Please note that the photos used as background pictures here are only samples and not part of BClocks)

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The main features of BClocks

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BClocks V1 Bitlein Software Made in Germany
  • 24 analog clock styles for your desktop
  • Any size and number of world clocks
  • All time zones of the world
  • Configurable time zone label
  • Special AM/PM indicator
  • Configurable sounds
  • Languages: English and German
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24 desktop clock styles to choose from

BClocks offers 24 clock styles
BClocks with different clock designs
BClocks offers 24 different clock styles

With BClocks you can select one of 24 analog clock styles for each world clock on your Windows desktop. You can configure a group of multiple clocks with different or with identical styles.

All desktop clock styles of BClocks try to combine the main style elements (light/dark, black/white/colored) with a high contrast to ensure a good readability.

Any similarity to real watches or clocks is purely coincidental. Because of the huge number of designs that exists in the market, it's impossible to avoid similarities.

World map with all time zones of the world

BClocks with a world map as time zone selector
BClocks clocks with different time zones
Rotating globe

BClocks can theoretically display any number of analog clocks on your desktop. The maximum number usually only depends on the size of your Windows desktop and on the performance of your computer.

Several world clocks on your Windows desktop are always useful if you not only want to have your own local time in sight but also the time of other time zones. By this means, in the office you can better coordinate the communication with colleagues abroad. And even in your private life BClocks might help to reduce your sleeplessness if you recommend BClocks also to your friends or relatives in other time zones. Probably you will then no longer be rousted out of the bed in the middle of the night, while the afternoon sun is still shining for your friend.

For each world clock that is displayed on your desktop, you can select an individual time zone from a big world map that contains all time zones of the world (more than 100 time zones!). If you move the mouse over the map, the main details of each time zone will be displayed. Just try it out and play with it! It's even fun to see how the clock is adjusted with a funny noise when you change the time zone.

Usually, by default BClocks shows a well-known city as label of the corresponding time zone below each world clock shown on your Windows desktop. But you can change this text as you like, e.g. to a different city or even to a friend's name.

Sun or digital clock as AM/PM indicator

BClocks with AM/PM indicator

Really, how can we see whether an analog clock is showing a time in the morning or afternoon? The most real analog watches can't indicate it.

All world clocks of BClocks are shown as analog clocks on your Windows desktop. These clocks contain an AM/PM indicator in two versions, which you can compare with the help of the animated picture.

With the "natural" version the dial displays a sun revolving clockwise around the globe once a day while the "classic" version just displays a small digital clock on the dial.

Just a simple mouse gesture foregrounds the clocks

BClocks in the background
BClocks in the foreground
With mouse gesture to the foreground

After you downloaded and installed BClocks on your Windows computer, BClocks starts by default automatically with Windows and permanently shows the configured world clocks on your desktop. To ensure that you can easily work with other programs, the clocks can be covered by other windows.

However, to get the clocks very quickly to the foreground, just move the mouse to the bottom of the screen. Thus, the clocks will immediately be moved from the desktop background to the foreground without a mouse click. You can even specify which of the four edges of the screen shall be "sensitive" for this function.

Incidentally, if you want, every full hour the clocks pop up by themself with a nice sound. Because of this recurrent "reminder" you will even better realize how quickly time passes. Ergo: Carpe diem!

Desktop clocks with configurable sound


Many people own a clock in their house with a beautiful sound that can regularly be heard at certain times. In fact, you can very quickly get used to such a thing.

The world clocks of BClocks offer something similar as well, but can be configured to your liking. You can set the kind of events causing sounds or even completely turn off the sound if you prefer silence. Just try it out!